Membership is renewed annually for the financial year (July -June). You can renew your membership by clicking on the pay now button at the bottom of this page. 

10 Reasons why You should join IPAA

For the individual:

  1. Building your Curriculum Vitae
  2. Learning Opportunities
  3. Becoming known
  4. Member benefits – cut-prices, journals etc
  5. Discover the wider public services (and job opportunities) …. here and overseas

For the profession:

  1. Build the profession
  2. Share ideas
  3. Global contribution
  4. Promote the value of the public service
  5. Contribute your experience to build a valuable organisation – chance to show your leadership.

Looking for value?

Membership of IPAA entitles you to concession admission prices to all functions throughout the financial year and is tax deductible.

Another great advantage is the annual membership fee.  Not only is this the lowest membership fee of any Division, but also includes an annual subscription to web news site, The Mandarin, and The Australian Journal of Public Administration.  The Journals are published quarterly, are leading edge, professional and are of great value if you are studying or just interested in the latest information and ideas on management and public administration.  The online IPAA Knowledge Centre acts as a centralised library service, enabling users to access reports and research on both current and historical topics.

IPAA NT Membership Form
YPN NT Membership Form

Completed membership form and payment are to be posted / faxed to:
IPAA Treasurer                         IPAA Treasurer
GPO Box 967                            Fax: 08 8999 5530
Darwin NT 0801

You can now pay your membership fee, $130.00, online by clicking the Pay Now button to the right.


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