Design Thinking and Disruptive Innovation with Jamie Pride

Location: Territory Conference Room, Ground floor Development House,
76 The Esplanade, Darwin

Time: 9:45am Wednesday, 8 October 2014 – to be seated by 10am

Technology alone can no longer be solely relied upon for competitive advantage. Developing customer empathy, using human centred design techniques and having a strong focus on customer experience is essential for both public and private organisations if they are going to compete in disruptive times.

In this keynote you will learn;

•           why market disruption is happening faster than ever

•           what are they key technology trends that are leading this disruption

•           why the way your organisation thinks is holding you back

•           being proficient in both intuitive & critical thinking is key

•           what is the value creation cycle and why it matters

•           how you can unlock the creative talent inside your organisation

•           how to overcome your natural biases, and be more mentally ambidextrous

•           a new way to look at innovation inside your business

•           how to thrive in disruptive times

•           what is design thinking and why it matters

•           how to build great customer experiences

About Jamie Pride

He is a speaker, author and thought leader on design thinking and disruptive innovation. He believes for businesses to remain competitive they need to be ambidextrous – exercising both their creative and analytical abilities. Jamie is the author of State Shifters: Helping Big Business Loosen Up & Startups Grow Up! Jamie has over 20 years’ experience working in in global businesses and has founded and sold several technology startups. He was also a Partner at Deloitte, where he ran Deloitte Digital in Sydney. He is currently the co-founder of Digital4ge – leading Australian technology foundry – where he helps startups turn their ideas into reality.


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(Session finishes at 11:30am)

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